Tacos al Pastor in Sayulita, Mexico

tacos al pastorThis picture was taken during Semana Santa, or Latin America’s Holy Week/Easter. The entire country has 2 weeks off (like Spring Break) and everyone rushes to the coast to enjoy their family time. Hundreds of street vendors descended upon this town of 2500 and it becomes an unofficial food festival. This is where my love for tacos al pastor started. This is where my cravings for the rest of our trip through Latin America started.

Catch of the Day – Sayulita, Mexico

Fresh fish in SayulitaThe fresh catch of the day (still on the boat!) delivered right to your restaurant is an awesome perk about being on the coast. Sitting beneath the beach umbrellas with your bucket of beer in hand, you can watch the daily catch being brought in by the local fisherman. Tourism in small towns, like Sayulita, offer you a more intimate approach to how your food arrives to your plate and into your stomach.